Westmead Hospital

Customer: Westmead Hospital

Industry: Health

Location: Westmead Hospital

Completion: 2018

Project Overview

Westmead Hospital has thousands of people from all walks of life traverse their doors every week. With multiple entries and exits it is extremely difficult for onsite Security to find or track people of interest. While an existing CCTV was in place the image quality and the user interface of the management system made even the simplest tasks a challenge.

HSC Security proposed and implemented migration of the current CCTV System to a Milestone Corporate environment – an awarding winning product for innovation, ease of use and real-world benefits. HSC worked closely with the ICT department regarding bandwidth requirements, server specifications and storage capacity requirements, while also working with the Security Team to build the requirements for XProtect Client Profiles, configuring the Video Wall and creation of CCTV maps in Milestone.

Why HSC?

We have certified Milestone Technicians, Design Engineers and Integration Engineers who have extensive experience in deploying Milestone VMS from start to finish on both greenfield sites and established.


HSC Security migrated the system in less than a week. Both the Security Manager and Security Staff were thrilled with how easy the interface was to use and how much value it has added to safety and security of the hospital and its staff. Installing and configuring Milestone Corporate correctly and to the client needs provides a robust infrastructure that is rapidly and easily expandable – even across multiple sites. To date Milestone VMS is now considered the standard for the Local Health District and consists of over 1000 devices across five sites.